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Another week in the books with Draeno and Emdee on the 20 Sides of Nerd Podcast. The team talks about some of the events surrounding bathrooms at PAX East 2014, MMOs including Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online, some of the… Read More »

This week on 20 Sides of Nerd the team is joined by The Quantum Cat as the tackle the issues in tech and geekdom. Topics include a child exposing Xbox Live vulnerabilities, the end of Gamespy servers, a short branch… Read More »

Welcome a new podcast this week as Draeno and Emdee keep the streak alive! The duo talk about the audacity of Mark Zuckerberg talking to the President of the United States over privacy concerns, Titanfall on OSX, Simcity and DRM… Read More »

This week Draeno and Emdee tackle the odd issues again. The team talks a little about the latest Community episode which spins off into a brief touch on Scud: The Disposable Assassin before trailing off into older science fiction and… Read More »

Draeno and Emdee are back for season three of the 20 Sides of Nerd podcast! It’s been awhile, so there has been a bunch of things that have happened since our last recording over a year ago. Expect some of… Read More »

S02E19 – Alexander Irvine

For episode 19 of this season the 20 Sides guys were fortunate enough to book a special guest. Even better, it was someone that was right in their wheelhouse. Author Alexander Irvine was gracious enough to join Draeno and Emdee… Read More »