Lost Girl Returns to Syfy for Season 3


At least it appears that Syfy is keeping some of its scripted television around, even if it is a show that they don’t actually produce themselves. Earlier this month the cable channel announced that it was renewing the broadcast rights for the supernatural crime drama, Lost Girl, for its 13 episode third season. The announcement had been made months prior by the Canadian company Showcase, causing Syfy to hold out until it was clear the next season was in production.

For those not familiar with Lost Girl, it revolves around Bo, a succubus that discovers that she feeds off the life force of others, or more pointedly, their sexual energy. As one would guess, this is a struggle as the world of who she thought she was clashes with who she will become. Unaware of her powers at a young age, she now has to cope with being identified as a Fae. She becomes entangled in an underground world as she tries to figure out who she is and what her place is in life.

Syfy is moving the show from Mondays at 10:00PM to the same time slot on Friday when the show returns on July 20th. It is unclear why the move was made to the Friday night death slot, especially when it had a 1.64 million viewer average from the second season. Hopefully this wasn’t done with the intent of killing off yet another scripted show to replace it with more reality shows. Time will tell though.

Source – Syfy


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  • http://watchdoctorwhoonline.org Anthony

    I love that show I am happy they are bringing it back for another season

  • Tee

    I love this show cant wait for it to come back…bo & dyson forever (he's so sexy)