ECCC 2012 – Interview with Kris Straub

Continuing with more interviews from Emerald City Comic Con, Draeno was able to get some time with the creator of one of his favorite comics, Starslip. That’s right, none other than the multi talented Kris Straub made himself available on the third day of the con to talk about his projects. Most importantly, we get to a question close to Draeno’s heart- the end of Starslip.


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  • Brad

    I like the insight that sometimes you have to blow up the "situation" of the strip in order for it to continue to make sense. It's kind of like how Homer and Marge have to get in a serious fight every so often on The Simpsons, otherwise you start to think "Why does she put up with his crap all the time?"

    In a long-running series, you eventually have to see the ramifications of separating the characters in order to justify the continuation of their relationship.